Saturday, November 19, 2011

XIII Collector's Edition in Colombo

XIII collector’s edition has been a dream for those who live in Sri Lanka. If you call Lion comics office they’ll ask to send demand draft and if u try to get a demand draft from bank they’ll say NO as Sri Lankan government have strict rules to avoid money flowing out of the country. Yeap, true if you go with documents they’ll give you demand draft but for buying a comics book where on earth we can get documents??

I really wish Lion comics will setup an online portal with credit-card or PayPal payment method. Both sides can benefit from this method as we can avoid any dealer fee!

Recently Vimalaharan commented on one of my posts about the availability of the book in Colombo. I checked it myself and came home with jackpot :). Thanks Vimalaharan.

Those who are willing to buy the XIII book in Colombo, Sri Lanka can buy it from the fruit shop next to Kathiresan kovil, Bambalapittiya (Colombo-4). Book is priced around 700 LKR. Currently they don’t have any book with them but you can place an order via them. Also they have few collection of old Lion and Muthu comics which worth a look. Alternatively you can reach them for inquiries via phone at +94-11-2590346

Good luck comics addict. See you all soon in another post. I'm busy right now with the book lol :P

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Read Comics on Android

Without any doubt, Android is catching up fast and one of the most popular Mobile OS in current world. As a comics addicts we all are trying to read comics in Mobile phones. Some won’t like it, some won’t mind reading in a small screen.

If you are someone worried about the size of the screen then you must try Android Tablets. Tablets usually come with larger screen and very much similar size to our LION or Muthu comics (10.1 inches).

Here I’m going to give you step by step guide to read Comics in Android Mobile.

1. Download ACV via Android Market
2. Place the downloaded comics file (i.e .CBR, CBZ) in SD Card (yeap Android supports SD cards unlike iPhone and iPad)
3. Open the file

4. Enjoy Now you can read almost any of the comics you downloaded online.

Good luck and wish you all the best till I meet you in another post.
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