Friday, April 23, 2010

Gays and Comics

I happened to watch a Tamil movie “GOA” recently. I really liked the movie but most of my friends end up blaming the movie for bringing up the GAY concept into the movie. Probably our society and people are not ready to see through such issues. Personally I can’t stand to see couple of guys romancing but I won’t bother to disturb them too. As I remember even Indian High Court ruled few months back favor to Gay marriages.

Why am I talking too much about Gays now?? Well, the answer is, the popular comics Archie has introduced a gay character into their comics. I’m not a great fan of these comics but happened to read few comics some years back.

The character, a blond newbie named Kevin Keller, will debut in No. 202 of Veronica Comics. In the initial story line, titled "Isn't It Bromantic?," Veronica is stymied when her womanly wiles hold no sway with Kevin, who has more in common with fellow foodie Jughead.

Let’s just wait and see the reception for these comics. I hope there won’t be any local politician jumping in and making big fuzz about these comics. After all, anything can happen in country where I live. “Sri Lanka”

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