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The Charmed Bracelet - Nancy Drew in Graphic Novel

Most of us are grown up reading stories like Famous Five, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew Files etc. Happy news for old time fans that set of new Nancy books are released as graphical novels. Obviously targeted audiences for these novels are age 8 -14, but if you have an ever green young soul then you can also enjoy the book. Let’s jump into the plot first.


A rare computer chip is stolen from Rackham Industries, where Nancy’s father working as a law advisor. When Nancy started to examine around the factory surrounding to find the culprit, she was asked to leave by the authorities surprisingly.

In the other side of the city, Nancy’s boy friend Ned Nickerson is arrested for shoplifting. Story is getting more interesting when Nancy receives the bracelet via the post. Story takes a “U” turn after this incident.

There is no surprising end in the story. As you read the book, you can predict the end. It may disappoint you but you must remember the targeted audience for this book.

Other Nancy Drew Graphic Novels

Nine books available via Euro Books in India and Sri Lanka, but in western markets more than 19 books published so far. Few books managed to climb on New York Time’s best seller list. Also note that there are three books published where each book got 3 Nancy Drew’s stories (3 in 1) by Euro Books in India.


The graphic novels are written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated in manga-style artwork by Sho Murase. The character's graphic novel incarnation has been described as "a fun, sassy, modern-day teen who is still hot on the heels of criminals."

Stefan Petrucha’s another notable graphic novels are X-Files (Topps Comics 1995-96) and Beowulf graphic novel (HarperCollins, 2007).

These graphical novels are available with laminated paper back covers. Even pages are of good quality and colour printed. Even though everything is fine, I’ve got a huge problem with their binding. When I started to read the book, the pages started to come off with my hand. Don’t know whether it’s only in the book I bought but I was really annoyed. As usual called the Book Store and scolded them.

History of Nancy

Nancy is a teen age (18 years) old teen age detective. This character is used in several series of books such as Nancy Drew Files. This character first appeared in 1930. Yeah way too old but just like our favourite comics super heroes she never gets old. In the seven decades since her creation, the teenage super-sleuth aged from 16 to 18 years old, and solved more than 350 mysteries.

The series was created in 1930 by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Stories are ghost written by number of authors. Carolyn Keene is the pseudonym used for these writers.

Mildred Wirt Benson and Harriet Adams are considered the two most important Nancy Drew authors, and both women had an insightful effect on the Nancy Drew series. Anyway, Walter Karig is also considered as an important author because the three volumes he wrote are favourites with many readers.

Role Model

Basically targeted audience for these book series is teen age girls. Apparently these books are very popular in 40’s and 50’s. Later characters were remodelled to meet the expectation of the living audience. As you can see now Nancy got a hybrid car and talks on cellular phone which is not possible in 30’s when the first book was released.

It's notable just how many fans she has in high places. They include former first lady Laura Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Sotomayor, whose brother Juan Sotomayor recalled the fictional heroine's influence on his big sister's life in an interview with ABC News.

No wonder teen girls took Nancy as her role model. Usually books written for girls are consisting of fairy tales which includes a princes or a romance novel where the girl seeks her perfect match. But Nancy got serious stuffs to do such as searching and hunting criminals.

Movies & TV series

As we have seen in our previous posts, most of the successful comics and novels are debuted into successful (??) movies. Nancy also got no choice but to enter into the TV and movie industry.

Five, possibly six (One movie was dropped during the production), feature films, one TV film, and two television shows featuring Nancy Drew have been produced to date. Latest movie was released in 2007 and received mixed response from audience. It’s so obvious that movies and TV series were not able to gain the prestige position gained by the book among fans.

All Time Coolest Hero

Nancy Drew outranks Batman in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s “20 All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture.” You can find Nancy’s entry at,,20268279_3,00.html. The list also includes icons such as Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and James Bond. EW says “The first female hero embraced by most little girls, Drew lived in an endless summer of never-ending adventures and unlimited potential,”. EW also notes Nancy’s influence on sleuths such as Veronica Mars and SCOOBY-DOO’s Velma.


India 145 INR
Sri Lanka 485 LKR

Indians can buy these books at your local store or Euro Books India site. Sri Lankans can buy these books at Vijitha Yapa Book Center, Crescat, Colombo 03.

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