Thursday, August 12, 2010

BREAKING: Muthu / Lion Books are Available in Colombo

I always whine about the availability of the comics books in Colombo. Now in shops like Cargills and Vijitha Yapa you can find good number of comics. But for a long time we didn’t get Lion, Muthu comics to Sri Lankan market.

I used to call book shops in Colombo and continuously asked about the availability of the Comics books, but always bad luck followed me.

If you are someone from Colombo or any part of Sri Lanka, complaining about the availability of Tamil comics books (mostly Muthu/Lion) then I gotta happy news for you.

See the images below.
The Books Available @ shop

The Books I Bought. 

Poobalasingam book depot imported good number of books. See the pics. I read about it in Lion/Muthu Comics FB group. Went there and got the lottery. Each book costs 75 LKR (around 0.75 USD), but it is a good deal.

The shop manager told me that they’ll get the “இரத்தப்படலம் Collectors' Edition” too. What happy news for Sri Lankan Tamil Comics fan.

Don’t wait just hurry because I saw people are buying books like nothing. You don’t want to be disappointed.
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